Educating girls is the best investment we can make to alleviate poverty and create a safer world. It has an incredible multiplier effect, providing returns for generations. Apart from financial barriers to education that girls face in Tanzania, they face Girls face sexual harassment, discrimination, and Expulsion Due to Pregnancy or Marriage “The only thing that I dreamed for in my life is to be a teacher so that I teach young children, I earn money and help my mother and siblings but I could never join any college because my family has no money to pay for me. Please sponsor me for college ….Judith from Iringa” Join us today by sponsoring a girl student fully or partly. You can touch the life of one girl today by sponsoring her. By doing so you have economically empowered a girl who would end up in early marriage, sexual abuse or running life of poverty. Help her break the cycle of poverty through small but high impact actions. Sponsorship is a $870 annual commitment for a girl student. For student taking a certificate course it requires a one-year commitment while for students taking diploma courses it requires a two to three years commitment depending on the type of the course. You can choose to break this into automatic monthly gifts of $73 each month. With only USD 73 per month, we provide them with excellent schooling, safe housing, three meals each day and everything else they need to have an amazing future

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